Bookmark syncing a mess

Description of the issue:
When setting up Brave and trying to enable a sync chain for multiple devices the bookmarks become jumbled and duplicated many times over.

How can this issue be reproduced?
Enabling a sync chain between multiple devices. I currently have Brave installed on a MacOS machine, two Linux Mint machines, a Windows 10 PC, a Samsung Galaxy Android phone, and an Ipad and a sync chain set up between all devices.

The result is that I now have multiple copies of the same bookmarks. It appears that instead of syncing my bookmarks for one machine across the chain, Brave has first created copies on all machines and then has synced the copies.

Expected result:
Bookmarks correctly synced with one copy of the bookmark instead of multiple.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
v 0.68.142

Additional Information:
In an attempt to fix this, I have previously uninstalled Brave from all machines, deleted all sync chains, and then reinstalled, only adding the bookmarks to 1 machine and letting the chain sync to the rest of the machines. This was unsuccessful as I now have 4 copies of every bookmark.


Happening to me too. It is a mess :frowning: I hate to say ‘the browser is not usable’ but my bookmarks getting all messed up is really not helping.

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Yes, it very annoying to delete duplication bookmarks if you have thousands of them

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