Bookmarks duplicated, then disappeared

Bookmarks duplicated and then disappeared

I tried to do a sync last night. It worked. Early this morning on my PC all my bookmarks were duplicated and out of order. A few hours later on my Mac all my bookmarks are gone. I had some really important ones that I likely can’t get again. How can I recover?

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Sorry for the inconvenience – we’re working on several Sync changes to address issues like these.

If you have more than one device on the Sync chain, then they should all have the same bookmarks. Local Bookmark data should not be overwritten so one of your devices should have all the bookmarks intact (even if duplicated :confused: )

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I’ll check my PC when I get home by my MacBook and iPhone are now in sync with my OLD bookmarks that I imported from Chrome.

I’ve been experiencing the same issues in the last few days: all bookmarks disappearing and having to unsync and syn again to make them appear again.

Any timeline for an update to this function?
Maybe trying a beta version of Brave may be of some help?

HI @mermelmadness can you send us a screenshot of what’s in your brave://sync panel? Thanks!

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