Bookmark keep adding more of the same bookmarks

Every time I open my Brave Browser it automatically adds more of the same bookmarks I already have. Do I have to change something in the bookmark settings or something?

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Is it duplicating bookmarks every time, or is it re-adding deleted bookmarks? Further, just to confirm, you do have Sync enabled, right? Can you please try either removing one (or both) devices from the Sync chain and/or toggling the bookmarks option “off” on one (or both) of your devices in Settings --> Sync? We are doing this to confirm (one way or another) that Sync is causing the duplicated bookmarks.


Thank you for your reply. Yes it does both, but not all the time and I do have Sync enabled. I have turned the bookmarks option off. I’ll notify you if there’s any changes in the behaviour.

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I have run into this same issue but I’ve never had the Sync on. I’ve only ever imported my bookmarks from the Chrome browser. Even after uninstalling the Brave browser, reinstalling it, and then importing my bookmarks again but from an individual file and not from chrome, the problem still persists.