Bookmark Issues?

is there eventually gonna be a fix to the bookmarks bar? it keeps repeating the same bookmarks I have and when I eventually delete all the duplicates it just comes back and duplicates again. I have over 100 duplicate bookmarks now and it’s very very annoying.


@Flash510 Can you provide steps to reproduce the issue, please? have you imported bookmarks from otehr browsers and after import there are duplicate records in bookmarks bar?

Please provide the brave verion and platform details.


Same here, I thought I messed up with something. So i deleted all sync devices. Put them back now, but bookmars just doesn’t sync anymore :sweat_smile:
Will investigate more if I have time

ah thats unfortunate ill just leave em alone for now

Hi @gsarvadnya . I haven’t used the sync for a while but I was thinking I’ll give it another go.
Just turned it on, wait and see…

By the way, I tried deleting the chain, recreate it… Doesn’t change anything. Duplicating still occurs. It does stop after a while. On one computer all bookmars then disappears after reloading Brave a couple of times. While the last one who got chained has all the duplicates.

Actually I just saw here Brave Sync is really buggy! I’m not the only one.

@cryptofloji Looks like the duplicate records sync issue re-appeared. Could you please check the below issue and let us know are you seeing exactly the same issue which is mentioned in GH, if it’s different can you please provide the steps to reproduce and brave version details?


I have exactly the same issue. I have a sync chain with Brave running on my desktop Mac, my Android phone, and my Windows laptop.

I had arranged my bookmarks into folders. After setting up sync, the bookmarks in folders are repeated at the root level of the bookmarks, as well as in the folders.

There isn’t really a UI beyond setting up a sync chain. I can’t see when the last time sync occurred, or success or failure between any devices. That would be really helpful. Only being able to see when a device was added to the chain is not really that interesting.

It would also be great to have some guidance on the workflow for getting bookmarks sync set up.

Should I destroy my sync chain, delete all my bookmarks except on one device, arrange them how I want them, then set up the sync chain? What happens when I create a new bookmark on one of the devices? What happens if I organise this into a folder in future?