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I am running Brave on my laptop, desktop, and Android phone. Upon very first installation, I imported bookmarks from Firefox. Afterwards I used the same sync chain on other installations. However, the bookmarks are almost never fully sync across devices; there are either duplicate bookmarks (and bookmark folders) or empty folder with the same name or duplicate folders with different content (e.g., one folder called “research” with no bookmarks, another with some bookmarks, yet another with few different bookmarks). What is going on? Any suggestions?


Having the same problem. Using a Windows PC, and sync has been working fine (I run it off a flash drive at work). Now, the bookmarks I delete are coming back as empty folders (with the same name as the deleted, non-folder bookmark) no matter how many times I delete them.


We’re currently looking into several Sync issues at this time including the ones you’ve mentioned here. We hope to have more information and fixes for these errors soon.
We appreciate your patience.


Really don’t know how the sync woks but now it is a big mess in my bookmarks! Duplicate folders with differences between them, missing bookmarks, etc.
The Sync is clearly the option not to use to avoid strange things.
Really a shame because I love Brave and the work of the developers. But I miss some of the great features of Google Chrome like syncing and the ability to translate web pages.
Why not to do like SWareIron by leaving the choice to use Chrome sync and so with his Google account?
Thanks again for Brave Browser!
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