Bookmarks Bar - order keeps scrambling - Sync issue?

Description of the issue:
I really gave it a 100% try yesterday to ditch Chrome and switch to Brave. Since Brave Sync only does Bookmarks for now, I had to painstakingly set up all my settings, extensions etc “just right” on 2 Macs but eventually was pretty happy.

Then, out of the blue all my Bookmarks just decided to randomly scramble themselves up on Mac #2. I thought it was a glitch so I carefully put them all back into place, only to find that some minutes later, now they are scrambled on Mac #1. Ugh.

I use my Bookmarks Bar heavily and rely on icons being where I want them for muscle memory to open my favorite sites. This seems like a small annoyance but it was a deal breaker for me and reluctantly I went back to Chrome for now. I still have Brave installed and will definitely look to try it again after 1.x.x gets a few rounds of bugfixes (hope!).

Found some links to other reports of basically the exact same issue:
(these were auto-closed with no response or resolution)

  1. After organizing bookmarks bar, it keeps reseting displayed bookmarks to undesired older layout
  2. Bookmarks bar keeps scrambling and changing

Brave: Version 1.0.0 Chromium: 78.0.3904.97 (Official Build) (64-bit)
macOS: Catalina 10.15.1

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Duplicate bookmarks & folders and empty bookmark folders is just the most recent… But yeah I’d guess it’s a sync issue…

i think so, it also happen to me!

I am having exactly the same issue but on a PC. It’s been going on for months, so have been forced to ditch using Brave browser. Why is no one addressing this deal-breaking issue? People rely heavily on their bookmarks working correctly.
I’m sure it’s a sync issue, because when turn off syncing the problem stops happening.

I’m having the same problem. When I delete a folder from the Bookmark Bar it comes back again and brings it’s children (i.e. folders with the same name but with links missing or empty). I tried renaming the folders that I knew were good so that I know which ones to use, but it changed the names back again. I have now deactivated sync and will try again when the fix is released. However, I have spent several hours working on restoring my bookmarks to where they should be without losing any important ones.

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