Bookmarks on new tab only

The browser will only show the bookmarks when it’s a new tab only. Once you go to the site you requested the bookmarks tab will disappear.

This is a feature that is available on chrome, Mozilla, opera, etc. It’s mainly for esthetics but I do believe it should be considered.

Hello @sofiagonzalo

go to brave://settings/appearance
then make sure this Show bookmarks is enabled

hope that help and have a nice day

What I ask is to show the bookmarks ONLY for a new tab. when you’re already browsing the bookmarks to be gone. This is an available feature on other browsers

not sure if i got you could you disable this Show bookmarks

or give screen shoot of what you asking for


Taken from microsoft edge

if you disable this Show bookmarks then it will only show the bookmark bar in the new tab page only

Only if you have brave’s default new tab, which I don’t. This feature works perfectly on other browsers, even if you don’t have its default new tab.

so you mean you using extension to customize the new tab page ?

No, I just ask for bookmarks on new tabs ONLY from part of brave, not from an extension. This is possible in Microsoft Edge.

as i said before it’s already exist in brave

go to

disable this 'Show bookmarks
and enable this Always show bookmarks on New Tab page

hope that help and have a nice day

That feature only works if you use brave’s default tab which again, I do not use.

what you see when you open new tab