Bookmarks on New Tab or Start Page, Actually liked

Well this sucks, I guess a lot of people were complaining about bookmarks showing up on the new tab or start page. That is actually one of the features I loved the most, and made my browsing easier. I don’t see how it’s such a problem as someone could simply change their homepage or something if they really don’t like it. I liked the fact that bookmarks don’t show up on any pages I visit only on the new tab (start page) easy to get to my websites that way. Now not so useful to me, guess it’s back to mainly using Firefox.


Hi @jktorres28,

Thanks for reaching out!

Go to Settings --> Appearance --> Show Bookmarks Bar and toggle option to on.

I know I can do that. That’s the point, I don’t want my bookmarks to show up on every page I’m on, You guys changed this on this last update, if you had your bookmarks turned off they would still show up on the start page, and wouldn’t have bookmarks bar showing up on the page I opened. and it was was fast and easy to get to my pages that way, took half a second, now I have to click on menu,scroll down to bookmarks and find the page LOL. Goes from half a second to like 5 or more seconds to open a page i want to visit. I mean why not just have an option to toggle that on or off is some people really dislike it, like I said they could even just change their homepage, just saying. But you guys don’t have to changed that just for me of course, not even sure if most people or some people like that feature as I did anyways. But it’s just not for me, so will just be using for Firefox from now, thanks for the reply.

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Have you considered using the keyboard shortcut to show/hide the bookmarks bar as an alternative/middle-ground?

Pressing ctrl + shift + b (cmd + shift + b on macOS) will show/hide the bookmarks bar on any page and your hands needn’t leave the keyboard:

If you have a programmable button on your mouse, you could record a macro with the ctrl + shift + b. This means the bookmarks bar can be shown, the bookmark clicked, and then the bar hidden again in three quick clicks. Not perfect but better than the menus.

I agree with this. I thought it was a bug with the latest release that my bookmarks bar wasn’t showing for new tabs, but it seems this was done intentionally!?

It’s a major hinderance to have to toggle showing/hiding every time a new tab is opened. If some people don’t like seeing their bookmarks on a new tab, at the very least please make it an option to allow those of us who find it critical for their workflow to see the bookmarks bar only on the new tab screen.

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I too find the suggestions, to either show bookmarks all the time or toggle via shortcut each and every time i need a bookmark not very helpful.
There was a feature, one actually that played a part in my decision for this browser.
Now it’s gone. Why? Is there a good reason?

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