Bookmarks Bar missing now on New Tab Page as of Windows Version 0.68.131-- bad idea

Bookmarks Bar on New Tab page should always be visible even when Bookmarks Bar is turned off.

If I turn Bookmarks Bar on to make it visible on the New Tab page, the Bookmarks Bar is now visible on all webpages, chewing up much of the valuable vertical screen-space.

Please return the Bookmarks Bar visibility on New Tab/webpages to the way it used to be – like it is in Google Chrome.

This along with the removals of the Bookmarks icon on the IPhone has made Brave very uncomfortable to use for me on both desktop and phone now … sad for me! :frowning:

Thank you for your consideration of making Bookmarks much more accessible on both Windows and iOS without penalizing us in other ways by using up screen real-estate.

Brave was my favorite on both desktop and mobile, but now it is too cumbersome to use.


Thank you for the feedback. While I understand your frustration, many users have advocated for the opposite.

This implementation offers the most flexibility with respect to both user preferences and functionality if you consider using the keyboard shortcut – ctrl + shift + b (cmd + shift + b on macOS) – to quickly show/hide the bookmarks bar without having your hands leave the keyboard, or having to go into settings.

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Thank you for your reply; however, your argumentation is unconvincing.

Why is there an aversion to the Bookmarks Bar showing in the New Tab page? What little screen real estate that is lost by the Bookmarks Bar showing is irrelevant as there is nothing to read on the New Tab page. The six icons for heavily visited sites sit near the top of the New Tab page; they will never be truncated.

Being forced to turn on the Bookmarks Bar via a keyboard shortcut to access bookmarks and then having to turn off the Bookmarks Bar each time I visit a Bookmarked webpage is cumbersome and not nearly as seamless as it was before.

Google Chrome has been like this forever and for good reason. It is the most seamless way of accessing bookmarks without sacrificing screen real estate when the bookmarked webpage becomes visible.

I have switched back to Vivaldi/Chrome because of this.


I fully agree with treego14. If you’d like to give users the most flexibility, then please give us separate options for toggling the bookmarks bar on websites, and only on the new tab page. Having to always press a shortcut to access them is indeed cumbersome. And having it always show takes up valuable screen real estate from websites, whereas that’s not a concern on the new tab page.

The way I see it, people are also complaining about the same in the aforementioned GitHub issue page. Thank you very much for your consideration.


Why the f you gotta go and change sht thats been like this for YEARS on chromium. Restore the gawd damn hidden bookmarks bar on webpages. wtf. somebody fire the idiot who came up with this brilliant idea.


I completely agree. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out to just add a third selection on the switch in the settings to “New Tab Only.” Please every one at the same time. This, and the fact that you still haven’t made an easy save cookie button…plus not having a “temporarily allow script” option instead of always allow…I’m seriously thinking of going back to Firefox. I may not like their politics or lack of moral compass, but at least they have all the basic options that are just common sense features.
(FYI)…I have a disability that makes remembering keyboard shortcuts very difficult.


what the hell has happened to my bookmarks??? it is just scandalous!!! i cant fckn use this browser any more to be honest… thats so inconvenient, just awful !!! bring back this feature as soon as possible!!! what kind of idiot even thought of removing it…
brave browser uninstalled untill bookmarks bar in the new tab is back !!!


Why would you do this? I need bookmarks, I barely use more than 15 sites so it is perfect. but having that bar open is so annoying. I love it if it is just on the new tabs page, since i just open a new tab to go to another site anyway. Don’t change things if they make sense or at least give people the option to keep it the way it should be instead of ruining your browser.

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I like this browser, but removing bookmarks on new page is no bueno! Based on the number of responses, it seems you are going to lose a good number of customers.
Please switch it back or as others have suggested, create another option to allow bookmarks on just the new page. I rely on this every day and if you are not going to correct it, I will have to move back to (gulp!) Chrome.
I have told only positive things about Brave to many friends and colleagues, but now I need to let them know about this ridiculous change.


:loudspeaker: Hello everyone! :loudspeaker:
If you could please turn your attention to issue #4782:

We’re super-duper aware that this is a desired option and we had already planned to implement it – it was supposed to be in 68x but it didn’t quite make it. The fix should be in 69x and we appreciate your patience and understanding.


You already had this, though. This was a regression as far as I am concerned. :smile:


Previously, the bookmarks bar toggle would cause the bar to appear:

  • On all web pages and NTP (enabled)
  • On no web pages, always on in NTP (disabled)

Ideally, we’d like to offer a third option where bookmarks bar doesn’t display at all.

Yes, that is no longer possible … so that is a regression.

Now, it’s either ON for EVERYTHING, or
now, it’s OFF for EVERYTHING.

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This option was not available at all previously which means it’s not a regression. We just allowed the bar to be hidden on NTP along with the toggle.

Correct. And before the update, it was

  • On for everything
  • Off for everything except for NTP

With the next update, there will be options for all three preferences.


You did add the option " where bookmarks bar doesn’t display at all." The problem was and is that you took away the option for the bookmarks bar to not appear at all with the exception of the New Tab Page.

It was a bad move for many of us … I’m glad to hear that a correction of this bad move is in the works. :slight_smile:

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I really can’t see the usability of this “feature”. You were always able to use the keyboard shortcuts to show bookmarks when you wanted to so you could always have them turned off on the NTP and use the keyboard function. All this does is make using bookmarks a chore now. Please revert this change or add an option to display only on NTP.

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This update is so annoying and is complete downgrade to a feature that has been in Chromium for half a decade. If you wanted to please the unreasonable rant of the people who don’t want to have bookmarks on new tab for absolutely unknown to me reason you could just add this option you mentioned in the replies here.

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If something was planned for version 68x but wasn’t ready yet, then please don’t release 68x until everything planned is ready.

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Change it back please, bookmarks on a new page is the least impactful to have it, anywhere else and it just takes up screen space.
When i create a new tab, this is when I want a selection of bookmarked pages. Any other time I’m already on the page I wanna be on.


This is one more example of the chronic back and forth over the NTP. Some people have very strong opinions of what they want to see and don’t want to see, and the people who want to see nothing on the NTP are the loudest and most frequent posters.

In many debates, I’ve tried to post suggested compromises to give users options and express that some of us do like the things on the NTP, and the overwhelming number of response are people who feel the NTP should be as simple as possible and don’t think there should be options for those of use that like a lot of things on the NTP. (See several posts over on github where I’ve suggested making something an option, and it’s followed by a whole series of posts saying how they “strongly disagree” with my suggestion.)

It feels like the devs in the past have generally just done what the loudest voices request, and then have to backtrack it. Please, going forward, if people complain about something like this, make it an option!

There is no way to make something everybody loves and nobody will complain about, but overall Brave is a great browser. Please just give us the ability to customize it sufficiently rather than unilaterally removing things that some people loudly complained about but others of us liked (and didn’t realize we were going to lose).