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Love the browser, but the bookmarks are a total mess, when importing bookmarks in lets say safari, you just have a button access the links, however here they are on display for all to see unless you click them off but when you click new tab the appearswith them on, really bad decision on not letting the user control their bookmarks, so unfortunately I won’t be using until this is fixed, bloody shame as its the best browser I have played around with so far.



You know, I hadn’t really processed that having the “speed dial” of bookmarks on the new tab page might be bad, but it’s a very good point.

If the only thing keeping you from using Brave is the speed dial on the new tab (as opposed to philosophical avoidance until changed), you can use one of many extensions to keep that from happening until it becomes a Brave setting. The simplest is New Tab Override, but if you go to the Chrome Web Store and search using those words more will show up.

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ht to @Mattches for putting me on to New Tab Override in the first place. At least I’m pretty sure it was him.


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