Bookmarks line disappearing after going to a website


When I open a new tab, the entire bookmarks line is there (right below web address) and, just as its normally been, I can click on one of my bookmarks.

Once I click on one, and it takes me to that site though, the bookmarks bar disappears. So I can’t access my bookmarks unless I open a new tab.

Is this a new update or bug? Really adds friction to my work flow. What If I want to go from Gmail to Youtube? One click is way easier then closing and opening a new tab…

If this was a feature change, then this is more of a request to change it back. But if this is a bug, then would love to know how to fix this.


Not a bug, enable this:

Another method would be to use the recently introduced sidebar.

Thanks Jim. Didn’t notice this, and actually great that they include the option.

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