Small feedback after using this browser

I really like this browser. I started using it a few month ago but uninstalled it cos of bookmarks being completely broken. To my delight upon trying this browser again, it appears to be working perfectly.

To add improvement, can you add an option to disable the annoying “Are you sure you want to open X tabs?”. I know there is more than one tab in a bookmark, so no need to keep asking me please?? I could not find an option for that in settings.

Another thing to add, can you add an option to make brave new tab not show most visited pages please? Had to click “x” all the time to remove it. That is what bookmarks is for and I have bookmark bar enabled.

Otherwise everything is working perfectly at last! Very happy with it that I now have made Brave my default browser, although it took a few tries over a year to get into it.

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