Small things that are extremely annoying for a former firefox user

To start out, so that you know my heart behind this post. I want to thank you for making a fantastic browser, with well needed features now and for the future.

When coming to the issues…
Firstly. to get me sign up on the forum just to give feedback is a miracle in it self. I’ve thought about it 100 times before doing it.
To be able to give feedback, it should be a button inside the browser, right under the settings menu, not hidden somewhere, not require any login. This is critical, the get the lazy users feedback. Maybe a capatcha to sort out spam.

Secondly. This is one of the first things as a former firefox user that has just plagued me every day since the shift. Why am I cast out of the menues every time I move a bookmark around in the bookmark bar. So annoying.

The bookmarks manager isn’t any better, because it keeps forgetting my changes. So terrible I don’t have words for that part. Edit:(This got fixed when I left the sync chain)

Thirdly, Why can’t I drag and drop a tab to the bookmark menu, in order to create a new bookmark. Really useful feature that sped things up in firefox.

Fourthly, sometimes the beta sync chain, just reorganizes all my my bookmarks folders in the bookmark bar after adding a new unit. And that issue, togeather with alle the above, just creates a nightmare for the “trying to be efficient” user.


I agree with all these suggestions…especially the one about being cast out of a drop down menu just after I drop a new bookmark inside. This is very annoying because I want to edit the bookmark instead of it displaying a crude URL I want to give it a memorable name. As it is now, I have to drop in the new bookmark, the drop down menu closes, I have to navigate back to where ever the new book mark is and this can be several clicks to get there, then edit, then navigate back again to check my work. VERY ANNOYING. Just leave the drop down menu of bookmarks OPEN until I change focus with a click of the mouse off topic! Thanks.

Thanks for the support in these matters Jim. Today I switched back to Firefox, mostly because of the non working bookmark sync. It’s quite obvious that firefox is slower, at least under KDE Plasma, but it’s functional.

Hi @Oghi,

Welcome to community. I apologize for the delay in response on our end.

Thank for the thoughtful feedback that you provided above. I assure you that we are constantly working to make Brave a better product for our users. I will pass this feedback onto the team.

Thank you again for taking the time to leave this post. Let us know if there’s anything that we can be of help to answer.

Howdy, @Oghi, and welcome. I hear you on the other points, but in the case of drag and drop, I do this routinely. When you try it are you clicking on the lock/Brave icon/favicon at the left of the address bar? Doing so, I can drag the URL to the Bookmarks Bar main, into a folder there, etc., on Windows, Mac, and Linux Mint 19.

Big thank you hnktong! It works, I’m used to dragging the tab to the bookmarks from firefox. .(Even though I think the Firefox way is more logical:)
One thing solved. But I really need the sync link to work before returning. But I’m sure that will be addressed in the near future. Drop down closing I can live with, but really hope it gets addressed.
Thanks for feedback on my feedback.