Bat missing again ! help me!

Hello ! I lost today 3.6 BAT AGAIN ! I have the proof, i got 377 publicity visioned and i have juste 0.110 bats !



Hi @MAPAASKLA1 have you tried refreshing the brave://rewards page and/ or restarting the browser? In some cases the correct balance will be displayed once again.

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Hi @saereV, yes i tried every things but i’m still stuck.

Hi @MAPAASKLA1 I just posted in another user’s thread who’s having the same issue (many are right now it seems). This is what I told them:

You can also bump this thread every few days if your problem continues, to grab Support’s attention better, too. If I come across some other possible solution, I will share it with you.


Yes- Me also… but as I type this (after logging into my account?) it did finally “come back” somehow. I was missing 8+ Bat as of 1 hour ago for March, and then only .2 showing up. This is the second time in the past 6 months. I refreshed browser, close/restart, and restart the computer, but nothing changed until a few minutes ago- magically the 8+ Bat returned.

For many of us- we use the Brave Browser every day and are thankful for the Bat earnings. Is there something we can do to “back-up” or ensure that Bat are not lost?

  • I do not use Uphold, and wait for the day that Bat can be transferred within the Crypto Wallets, etc.

Thank you for helping those who have lost Bat.


Hi @Broo unfortunately, a verified wallet to move funds to is the best guarantee to not lose anything. This may explain it further:

EDIT… OR Gemini, for Creators - other users must wait for Gemini to be implemented.

Thanks a lot @saereV, i’m just waiting for the moment.

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Thank you @saereV - appreciate the insight regarding Brave servers and technical issues. I will consider Uphold… but I have read about the Brave roadmap and plans to support CryptoWallets with Brave Rewards and Uphold services, along with Ethereum etc. Many users hope that roadmap evolution will take place this year in 2021. Many of us also have various centralized exchange services and other wallets already, and going through another KYC process with Uphold is quite burdensome. Once Brave updates the available choices and CryptoWallets for additional functionality, I think Bat use and adoption will escalate even faster. Thanks for your time and assistance!

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I understand @Broo.
Myself, I’ve nothing negative to say about Uphold since I’ve been using them, but everyone should choose the best for them, for sure.
You’re welcome and good luck :slight_smile:

@MAPAASKLA1 All my BATs of the pending rewards have returned, you just have to be patient little by little people to different users their BATs are appearing again. :sunny:


i have the same problem. im not getting awarded the bat tokens. and now the amount just Disappeared. what is going on here. this needs to be FIXED!!!

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I’m having the same problem, yesterday I had 3.4 bats and today when I woke up my rewards had been reset


yesterday I had more bats and today
my rewards had been reset

did not drain BAT earned before feb
and March to wallet,
And I’m on Brave is up to date
Chromium: 88.0.4324.152 (Official Build) (64-bit)
win 7



Hey y’all, an update’s been released.

Dont worry. My BAT was gone too. I had 1.5 BAT but the next time I saw it was 0.05 . Then I came here to the forums, and 15 min later I restarted browser and checked rewards page again and it was all there again. Just give it some time and restart browser.
PS. this happened on my android mobile.

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I am having the same issue. I had over 1.0 BAT, and have seen over 200 ads, BAT is showing .130, and ads are showing 199. Not so concerned about the ads, I know they run on a algorthm. This has happened a few times. It has usually been corrected, this time I am not seing any change. I have restarted the browser, computer everything. Please correct this issue. Thank you, Deanna

Hello I’ve also lost more then 4 BAT in “Estimated pending rewards”. This was three days ago and the amount still isn’t correct.
I’ve closed the Brave browser, refreshed the rewards page, auto contribute is off.
This is on windows 10 with Brave version: Version 1.23.71 Chromium: 90.0.4430.72 (Official Build) (64-bit)


Can somebody please help me?

Hi everyone, Support is working on an issue with the Rewards counter. Hopefully there will be some update on this soon. :crossed_fingers:

Yesterday my pending BAT rewards was corrected, today they are back down to .120, .13 USD, and it shows that I have seen 212 ads. I know you are working on this, and I appreciate it.