Last night before sleeping I had 2.0 BAT and today when I wake up I only get 0.290

The date of the next payment is April 5, but today when I get up I get that the estimated reward fell to 0.290 without there being any transaction carried out. What’s going on?


Hi @Miler, have you tried refreshing the brave://rewards page and/ or restarting the browser? In some cases the correct balance will be displayed once again.

Hi @saereV If I have already opened and closed brave: // rewards several times, the browser has still closed it completely and nothing.

What OS? And version are you at? And are you talking about BAT balance, or a BAT estimated pending balance?

I have Windows 10 (v1.22.70) and Android (v1.22.69 Chromium 89.0.4389.105).
I sometimes see a loss of estimated pending BAT on my mobile, but it always resets to the correct last known amount after I refresh/ restart the browser…

Windows 7, and Brave version 1.22.70

That is, after I saw the loss of BAT, I selected to search for an update, but there was no closure, I opened the browser and nothing

And is it your BAT balance , or BAT estimated pending balance ?

Estimated pending balance

In the time I’ve been a user, I’ve noticed that the estimated pending BAT fluctuates (I’ve noticed it more on my Android, but a few times on desktop). I don’t watch it very closely, but the times I have noticed a loss in BAT estimates, the last “high” amount I could recall was always returned the next time I fired up the browser.

There is a flurry of posting right now about this issue. I think it has to do with a a few things: one is it’s a week out from payout, the other is something I read in another thread regarding this issue:

Of course, it could be something else, but maybe just give it some time. Support may pop in, or a more experienced user may offer other advice, too.

If I see that it has happened to many, it only remains to wait to see if it solves itself or as you say that someone with greater knowledge responds to see if there is a solution. They may say that they are working on them so it is to be patient.

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All my BATs of the pending rewards have returned, you just have to be patient little by little people to different users their BATs are appearing again.

They disappeared again haha, but I guess they still have problems… patience patience.

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Hi Please let me know if this issue reoccurs as recent updates should have resolved these issues. Thank you, Terry

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