The obligatory "beginning of new month all BAT gone" Thread

Hello there friends,

it is the first of the month again. No, your BATs didnt disappear. I know it says 0! Okay, no. Don´t worry.

This is completely normal. If you have a verified/linked account with Uphold or Gemini, your BATs always disappear from the Brave Rewards Wallet to get calculated and then later send to your linked custodian.
Without a verified wallet you will get a “claim reward” button in the rewards panel.

True, it is already the 6th and the BATs still did not arrive.
No need to worry. Usually the BATs arrive from the 8th to the 11th each month.

Yes, I would like to have my BATs on the 2nd each month aswell. But the payment process takes a while. Get used to it.

Thank you. Happy waiting!

Hello, i’m new to Brave and i have a question about this, my estimated rewards were 0,450 more or less, but now it says that my gains were 0,239 so it was cut by half all of a sudden… Am i missing something or did i just lost half my BAT’s?

The same happened on my android

The initial sum it shows is a raw estimate. It will get properly calculated before it is send out. You will likely receive a different amount from what you had in your wallet before reset and what it tells you you will get.
Don’t worry about it. This is normal.

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