Android Mobile Doesn't Seem To Add New BAT

Samsung S21 Ultra 5G, latest versions.

Mobile BAT doesn’t seem to be accumulating.
BAT remains at 1.5(1.02 USD) and BAT earnings for the month remains at 1.250(0.85 USD)

My apologies, I forgot to state how many ad’s I’ve been through before I noticed this.

5 ad’s on my mobile Brave have gone by.

Desktop Brave continues to accumulate as normal.

Are you saying you do not receive any ads? Or you receive ads but BAT does not increase? If you recieve ads, is number of ads counter at least increasing?

Ad pop ups, ad pages links. It all works.

but no counter increases anywhere whatsoever

See if @Mattches can address this problem

It’s like I hit some sort of limit marker and it won’t add anymore

Yeah that shouldn’t be a thing. It’s one thing to yes cap out on ads in on day. But for the counter to not display. That’s weird

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@Mattches This is still an issue. No change no matter how many ads I view

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