Brave ads coming but total estimated bat decreased very much will i get back my bat ? or?

I am using Brave on 2 PC’s one with windows 7 and one with windows 10 . I am getting this problem on both my devices, the problem is that my brave rewards stopped increasing from yesterday (I stay in india and now it is morning when i am writing this message) I checked on brave community and saw many people who had posted on the same topic , I also saw @steeven reply to this issue, today morning my brave estimated rewards were showing 0.130 BAT , which is not true as I should have around 3.330 BAT, even the number of ads viewed and the 7 day ad history show that I have got many ads from yesterday but still it is showing like this (screenshot attached)

and while writing this post I also got an ad which increased bat to 0.140BAT but my old balance of 3.330 BAT is not showing ,is this a permanent loss or will this be fixed soon???

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they working on that

and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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