Bat token disappears after zebpay wallet connection

Hey, I was having 3 bats in my rewards. After connecting a custodial zebpay account my bat tokens got vanished. It’s also not showing in brave rewards in zebpay too. Please help me.

Please see the messaging included in your Rewards panel. Devices connected in October will be paid out during the November scheduled payout period.

Thank you

Hey @Evan123 ,I connected an older account to zebpay and my account was flagged. Will those previous BATs be transferred? And will all my devices connected to it will be flagged or only that one

Hey! Submit a ticket below and we can investigate your case.

Thank you!

Submitted,ticket no- 229136

Same thing happened to me also my 17.890BAT has disappeared after connecting with ZebPay. I want them back.

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