I lost my BAT and i dont know why

Hi, this is my problem:

In March 1 i claim 0.250 BAT (pic 1) and today I verified my Uphold account and the bat just disappeared (pic 2)

Pic 1

Pic 2

do you have the auto-contribution option disabled?

if you are using the sync feature, is the auto-contribution option disabled in all your synced devices?

Hello and thanks for reply.

I have the auto-contribution disabled and i dont use another device with brave besides my computer. In addition, as you can see in the screenshot, you do not see any spend of the BAT.

@look in the transactions in your uphold account

Hi, i look and dont show any transaction. In general and brave Browser category

Mmm could You go to brave://rewards-internals to see if the external wallet is shown as connected.
Besides, wich version of brave are you running?

I go to brave://rewards-internals and in the external wallet it says:

Wallet Status: Verified
Wallet address

so I think it’s connected.

As additional data, in the event registration category, it says:

04/02/2021 00:03:09 promotion_claimed 0.250000

This would be exactly the BAT that I claimed that day.

Also, I am using brave version V1.22.71

Is weird for the bat to disappear like that :man_shrugging:.

Maybe @Mattches or @steeven can help with this

I’m confused – is the BAT not still in your browser wallet?

No, the BAT aren’t in the browser wallet or in the uphold wallet. I don’t understand anything about how it could be that they disappeared.

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