Brave Rewards Lost After System Restore

Hello. I think I have made an unintentional mistake regarding my Brave Rewards. I had several dollars that had accumulated, but I decided to restore my desktop computer yesterday and when I installed Brave Browser again, they were no longer there. :cry: I honestly did not even think about it. I remembered to back up my bookmarks but because I am relatively new to this browser, it didn’t occur to me that they might not be there. I only just signed up for a Brave Rewards account today, so there’s also that. :frowning: Last week, I did try to verify with Uphold but they said my account was being reviewed and then I see today that it is restricted. I sent an email off to them but don’t know when I may hear back. I am just wondering if anything can be done about this? I hate to lose what I had accumulated and have to start all over.

Thank you,

Hi @free2bme,
Sorry to hear. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about BAT loss due to the re-installation. Connecting to Uphold is the only way to backup your BAT. Connect your wallet to Uphold as soon as you can. If you’re having issues verifying your account, please reach out to Uphold Support.

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