Uphold problem on new browser install on new os install?

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I was on before under a similar handle a while back, and have come back with this one.

Having issues with uphold and wondering if anyone can help or has been having the same experiences? I thought that by having brave linked with uphold, any bat earned in the browser would not be lost? Imagine my surprise upon reinstalling a new linux OS on my laptop yesterday, and then linking and verifying with uphold all the bat I earned in may is gone!!! I was then told after submitting the support form, which I have had to do numerous times I might add, that all my bat is likely lost! Where does it go then, presumably just lost, or back into the brave system, if the latter no real issue with that, but it is frustrating as I had about 10 bat, which is now gone, and no way to know where or for what purpose.

I should add uphold links and verifies just fine (did read the device limits have been removed?) I am just getting a bit sick and tired of the issue of reinstalling and losing previously earned bat! I am hoping that because I did not uninstall brave on my phone, that somehow the previously earned bat will be tied to that, and I might get the payment. Removing the back up wallet key, I forgot the exact name, was a big step backwards in my opinion, and I am not a fan of gemini as I could not buy or receive crypto, even after 10 days and numerous emails.

Just a slight rant, and putting this out there.

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True and yet not. Anything that is already in Uphold will not be lost. Anything that has not yet been sent to Uphold is 50/50. If the servers have been able to reconcile any ads you did see, then you’ll receive payment for that the following month. Meaning if you just did the new installation recently, there’s a chance you’ll see some of it arrive for the payments that are about to be sent. Again though, gamble is whether it was able to reconcile with the system. If it didn’t, then it was just sitting as “estimated earnings” on your device and it wouldn’t be backed up yet.

Yeah, so like said, it might still be sent your way whenever payments finish sending. Remember, payments BEGIN around the 8th, but it can take a little while to arrive. You’ll essentially need to wait until it says all Uphold payments have been sent. Plus, if you don’t have the Wallet Payment ID that was associated with your prior browser, there’s no guarantee they can do much. That’s the key bit of information they need to research payments and get things sent. Sometimes things can show with Uphold ID and all, but they really absolutely need to know the browser Wallet Payment ID. If you lost that, then you don’t have many options.

You can think of it like a timeclock at work. If you documented all the hours you worked but then your job never gets it, they wont’ know you worked or what to pay you. So if they received nothing, you get nothing. If they did receive your information, they will pay for what evidence they have of you working. Same way with Brave, in regards to the browser logging everything you’ve done in regard to Rewards and then sending it to the system for payments to be sent.

Negative, each browser is unique. Your phone only will keep track of itself. Rewards aren’t synced or linked to different devices, at least not yet.

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Hello again Saoiray,

Thanks for the detailed reply, I will still use brave, as I am quite familiar with it, and will just try not to be so focused on the ads and bats earned, have a good jubilee weekend there.


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