Reinstalling brave

I need to reinstall my windows but i dont want to lose all my bat, i have already linked with uphold, but i dont have the 25 bat to transfer it to uphold.

Hi @17lp, Welcome to Community!
If you go to, do you see a Brave rewards card? Does the balance match with the balance in your browser wallet?

i only see brave browser card, and it does not match

Can you share a screen shot of both?
What version of Brave are you using? (brave://settings/help)
Do you have other wallets/more than 1 connect to Uphold?

I only created an account on uphold just for brave, so no other wallets.

Can you try disconnecting and reconnecting from Uphold?

tried it, doesnt work.

When did you first connect to Uphold?

i created and verified my uphold account monday 31 of august

Okay! So you should get your BAT transferred to Uphold during payouts, which is around the 5th this month. Please be patient, if you don’t get your BAT/transfer to Uphold over the weekend, please let us know.

Hello, it didnt work.

Hello, i just recieved BAT to my uphold account, thank you for your help.