Authentication Loop to Microsoft SharePoint Online macOS

Authentication loop happens on any mac I have with Brave. The URL I am trying to browse to is my work personal or corporate SharePoint online site (any URL).

Looping between, then, then a post to the internal default.aspx page, then it loops rapidly until eventually I receive We couldn’t sign you in. Please try again.

I have tried Brave on multiple macOS Sonoma devices - same results. Other browsers work find.

Default shield settings - also occurs with shields down

Site works as expected when using Chrome or Edge

Version 1.63.162 Chromium: 122.0.6261.69 (Official Build) (arm64) (

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I’m seeing the same issue on Sonoma. Also seeing it in the Windows x64 version of Brave.

This is a known issue that the team has already pushed a fix for — it should be hitting Brave stable. builds shortly:

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