Assets not showing up

Description of the issue: Assets not showing up after swapping on Polygon.

How can this issue be reproduced?

Additional Information: Yesterday I’ve set up my wallet for Popcorn auction. I’ve followed the instructions, added Polygon to my MetaMask wallet, transfered MATIC to my wallet and proceeded to swap into USDC. Upon logging in today, the remaining of my MATIC is still visible, but my USDC is nowhere to be seen. Also, now the wallet states that “Polygon is not supported” with options “Buy” and “Swap”. Any idea how to solve this?

We don’t have a built in Buy and Swap feature for Polygon but everything is still supported there.

You’ll have to add a custom token via the Visible Assets button on brave://wallet/crypto/portfolio

I believe this is the contract you’re looking for. Please verify to make sure that is the case though

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