MATIC sent from Coinbase to Bravewallet WONT DISPLAY

Description of the issue:
Etherscan of wallet address shows transferred funds, but everywhere I look in my brave wallet shows a ZERO balance. Someone please help.

Brave Version: Version 1.42.88 Chromium: 104.0.5112.81 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Wait for some time I guess. Probably a few hours, sometimes processing is slower. @Aman_M @Chocoholic @rodrige see if you can help here as I’m not so well acquainted with Brave Wallet.

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@Tomorrow did you add the assets to Brave Wallet? It won’t show all crypto by default, you have to make sure the specific crypto is added and then it shows. If shows delivered but you don’t see it in Wallet, I’m guessing that’s your issue.

Go to brave://wallet/crypto/portfolio > Visible assets > Add custom asset

From there, not sure where it’s at. Like for some you have to then go to Binance Smart Chain Mainnet and then enter details. I’m guessing you’ll be able to easily figure your way out from there though.

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Like @Saoiray said, you need to add the contract address to your wallet.

You can find the contract address at

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I don’t remember adding the contract to my wallet, but I definitely did make sure to pull up Polygon mainnet before making the transaction. I’ve tried clicking through every token since, and none are showing the MATIC. When I go to the (add) visible assets panel, MATIC on Polygon is already there; you think I should add the contract address again?

But, the MATIC that is shown there is the ethereum contract or the polygon contract.
You say you can see the transaction in etherscan. Thus, it looks like that it was done via ethereum network.
Did you chose the correct network?
Can you see the transaction also in ?

@hub and @Evan123 do either of you have any ideas on this one?

@Tomorrow Since your Tx hash is on Etherscan, the MATIC you sent is on Ethereum Network. You will have to add “MATIC on Ethereum Mainnet” from Visible Assets here- brave://wallet/crypto/portfolio/add-asset > Check-box > Done

In case you’re not sure, if MATIC is on Ethereum or Polygon, check “MATIC on Polygon Mainnet” as well.

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