Polygon NFT not visible after transferring to Brave Wallet

I transferred a Polygon NFT from MetaMask wallet to Brave wallet.
It is not visible and adding in Visible Assets does not work.
Thank you.

@bianca1 Shoot, I hope not too late. I see 8 hours ago this Cryptoking responded to you and pretended to be Brave Support. The link they provided is to a scam website. Fortunately it looks like server side, it wasn’t clicked on, but if you do/did see it in your email, be advised the brave0 site is a scam. If you did use it and provided information, then you’ll likely have fallen victim to them and your wallet emptied.

That said, I’m flagging it now and we’ll have his account suspended by sometime tomorrow.

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Hello Stephen,
Not too late! This really scared me!
So how do I know who to trust? Is there an e-mail address for Brave support?
Thank you for warning me.
I did not click on the link (went to bed, it was late here :slightly_smiling_face:).
Do you know how I can see my Polygon NFT in Brave wallet?
Thanx again.

For people who respond here, you’ll mainly look for the two icons that I’m showing in screenshot below. #1 is a Moderator badge, meaning they have admin rights and most likely is a Brave employee. #2 is the Brave lion, which is also a Brave employee symbol. If you see both of those, that’s 100% to know it’s someone from Brave Support. If they only have one or use something just as their profile picture, then they are likely fake.

Then you have people like me. You see Community Ninja? That is a badge that is given by Brave Staff. What it means is as you see below:

Screenshot 12_22_2022 09_41_41

To be clear, this means that I’m just a normal User like yourself, only I have dedicated a lot of my personal time to help others and have been acknowledged by Brave. The badge is there to show I’ve earned trust from them, though it also means I’m still very limited on the help I can offer.

Photos 12_22_2022 09_44_10

Not really. There is actually an email but it’s hardly used and they unlisted it from the pages a while ago. Overall they try to have people come here first, just to kind of filter issues and try to get simpler things resolved. Otherwise they’d end up with way too many nonsensical things.

There are “support tickets” that you can create over at https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/requests/new but those are usually for more issues with payments, such as Creators, Rewards, or with Brave Premium.

It would be the same way it shows when you go to Brave Wallet and then to the NFT tab.

So on the Portfolio tab, which is brave://wallet/crypto/portfolio you’d scroll down to see:

Photos 12_22_2022 09_51_28

Then once open, you can first search to see if the NFT is on the list. You can type in the name or you can scroll through. I am going to assume it’s not on the list because I don’t think there are any NFT preloaded. If that’s the case, you’ll need to hit Add Custom Asset. But just so you can see the page that would appear before that:

Photos 12_22_2022 09_53_29

Once you click on Add Custom Asset, you’ll need to click on the NFT tab, then you’ll input all the information it asks for.

Photos 12_22_2022 09_55_48

What I can’t remember is if it’s automatically checked off and added once you do that, or if you’ll have to go back to + Visible Assets and then load it by making sure the box is checked.


Brave is working on self discovery in Wallet so people don’t have to go through this long process. Until then, the NFT or crypto is actually on your Wallet but it doesn’t really “know” about it and therefore doesn’t display it to you. It’s basically just hidden away in a drawer. Once you make it aware and tell it to make it visible, then it will be right there on the list for you to see.


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Hello Steven, thank you very much for your detailed explanation.
(I cannot reply to the e-mail because I use the ud.me address and it is sent to my personal e-mail.) So I answer here.
Thank you for explaining the Community Ninja - I understand why you got it!
And now I know what to look for in replies. And to first ask the community. Thank you.

I succeeded in getting the NFT at the bottom of the list. Great.
Now I am waiting for it to show in the NFT section. It is not loading.
It is ERC-1155, does this make a difference?
Very happy with your help. Thank you. bianca

@bianca1 Well, you’ve reached the end of my knowledge on the matter. I’m going to tag @Evan123 and @Mattches to see if either might have any ideas. Hopefully they can provide answers or get someone specifically from the Wallet team who might be able to.

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I had a similar issue. Support said Brave Wallet does not support Polygon NFTs.

From what I’ve seen they don’t have actual support for any NFT whatsoever.

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Thank you very much!

Thank you for letting me know.

Any idea who said that or when?

I mean, I can try to tag in @hub as well, though I try not to bother him much. But you have me curious.

I asked support.brave.com.

Where can I find the NFT data? Token name, address, etc.

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