My crypto is not showing up in my wallet

says the crypto is delivered i need this crypto asap, any fixes?


@princestarx answer to your question is similar to USDC not showing up in brave wallet - #2 by Saoiray

Hi, thanks for the reply

however it is selected and the account states that i have 0 funds, i bought through ramp and it seems that it should of worked but there is nothing at all in my wallet or on the selected MaETH.

@princestarx I’ll have to see if @Aman_M or one of the people who know crypto better can answer. I really am dumb when it comes to these things. What I say below here is just me TRYING to figure it out and asking for clarification a bit, hoping maybe I get something right, lol.

If I’m seeing it right then shows you sent Wrapped Ether (WETH)

You’re saying you have these checked off to be visible?

Brave Wallet - Brave 12_2_2022 17_32_00

Well, more particular, it would be WETH on Polygon Mainnet, right?

Hi, your previous suggestion helped me. Sorry about that, now i am too busy trying to send WETH to my metamask but it always says insuffiecient gas fees, i even put some eth in there but nothing seems to work.


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@princestarx Saoiray has got it covered in full. And since your wETH exists on Polygon, to send it, you will need MATIC (Polygon’s native token) to cover the gas fee, not ETH. Make sure you have some MATIC on the Polygon network.

The good news is, transactions on Polygon would be less costly. Welcome to crypto, beginning is a little bit pain here.

thank you, but now i have to spend more money to buy matic :((

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