Brave Wallet matic balance

I did a transaction, transferring Polygon MATIC from Binance to the Brave Wallet

The steps I follow

  1. within MATIC page layout
  2. copy to clipboard account1
  3. copy to address in Binance web page making sure the address number are the same
  4. then I confirm the withdrawal in Binance

The transaction was successful according to the messages from binance but the balance never was updated in brave wallet

When I click on … view on block explorer, it opens a polygonscan right after the address (same address as in Brave wallet for MATIC)
The third icon which is a black circle with a letter b, has a notification if I click on that icon it leads me to Etherscan where I can see my transaction on the Erc20 Token Txns from Binance to my address as is in brave wallet and the amout I sent…

I do not understand, I do not know what to do, I can see the transaction but is not reflected in breave wallet.

Someone can help me?

@dpbarrero Have you enabled Matic on Polygon from brave://wallet/crypto/portfolio/add-asset-


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well, I do not know how to enable it, there are no options, as part of the account the list of the assets below the address I can see MATIC, no option to add or remove assets

My balance is still 0. I do not know what to do, I did a transaction with Solana it works, but Did not work the same as for MATIC.

Can you see Matic on Ethereum Network on your assets page? A transaction hash always helps. And to add or remove assets, go to brave://wallet/crypto/portfolio > Visible assets and check the one(s) you want to see > Done.

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