Two failed USDC deposits on Polygon Mainnet

Description of the issue: I’ve tried making two USDC deposits on the Polygon Mainnet from Coinbase to my Brave wallet, and neither is showing up in the Brave wallet. Both transactions were completed successfully according to the polyconscan block explorer.

Is the issue occurring on a specific network?: Yes, Polygon Mainnet

What operating system are you using?: Brave

Brave Version (check About Brave): 1.60.118

Do you have USDC on Polygon added to your list of available assets?

Yes, I have some USDC on Polygon in my wallet already. It’s only the last two transactions that haven’t worked.

Any suggestions? I’m still not seeing my USDC in my Brave wallet.

Do you see it if you add native USDC?


I just added it, but I’m still not seeing the USDC I transferred.

Sent you a DM. Thanks!

Solved via DM. Closing out.