April Payout not Received!

same here, my 3 BAT just disappeared. I have a verified Gemini Wallet

still no march rewards… :-/

I use BRAVE on PC and Android. The PC REWARDS received them correctly. The Android ones have disappeared and I have not received them. Sorry for my English, I’m from Argentina.

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There is a new update, so maybe that will solve the problem.

Hi, please My Bats (at youtube), not sync.

hi, I havent received my rewars from April. I am verified on Gemini

still no March rewards

are you sure?
you get the whole amount or only 0,25 just like everybody else fo their first month.

6th may and still no March rewards, and support don’t even act as if they care.
all they can say - wait, everything will be fixed magicly.

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Same issue…I haven’t received April month’s reward

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Where do I see my bat token

11th of May and still no March rewards, and April rewards are “processing”

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Hi everyone. Just a suggestion. You might want to start posting in one of the other open topics or just create your own! Make sure you answer the questions asked in the template provided when you create a Rewards Support topic.

This is a solved topic. Most community members and moderators do not track solved topics. So, unless they just happen to look, it is unlikely anyone is going to know that you posted or respond to any problems or questions.

@steeven @Mattches

I am also suffering the same problem in my (2) year old account.

I received every month payment till February.

They told me I would receive my full payment in uphold this month.

But still haven’t received ((( MARCH, APRIL & MAY))) payment.

please help me sir on this

i havent recieved my april month BAT and now there is no claim reward appearing on the dashboard

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No March and April rewards…great business plan

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14th May and still no MArch rewards, and April 1/3 rewards, support is silence for 2 days

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Same with mine; and i received them last month and i have a verified gemini wallet. It was saying a few days ago “your rewards are on the way”. Now thats disappeared but my balance still says 0.00. I also claimed them as well when the button first popped up i think last week some time.

same issue here, i too havenot recieved any rewards, verified uphold accoiunt