Rewards of april not received

I didn’t received Rewards from my April earnings , till yesterday it was showing “BATs are on the way keep an eye”.
Now it’s not even showing that message also.
Am i got flagged or what ?


I have same problem not received my bat yet :confused:

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I have received partial payment and tip is also not showing in the creator account

Same happened to me . I haad connected my brave with uphold in february, then in march my uphold got banned without any reason , then my barve is unverified from then, after that on wards every month my bat shows processing and then dissappears . I feel like i am earning bat for losing. :pleading_face: :pleading_face: :pleading_face: :sob: :sob: Please help someone @steevens @Mattches

Please see my reply here. Ensure that when submitting the form you include your correct custodial provider in the subject line. Thank you.

Yeah same im missing payout on tablet and labtop. Got the phone payout but there is no way to look at a history unless from uphold and i got shorted last payout. But im still waiting on both payouts still.

I did’nt received my payout for April even may I don’t know

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