April Payout not Received!

Same issues please let me know how can we do my pay out creator still not pay
March until now still not received

Same issue, I also haven’t received my April Payout

i also didnot recieve the april and march payout and also have verified uphold vallet

Good afternoon, I have verified 3 computers and my personal cell phone, only 1 generates me rewards month after month, the other 3 are lost, I have already lost about 11 bats or more. What is happening, and how can it be fixed? Thank you

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Same here for last 2 months

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Bingo… We have a winner.

They been effin me for over a year with the “device limit”. But i just keep hangin’ round thinking it might change.

My April rewards still haven’t gone into processing. I have a verified Uphold wallet. They disappeared and now it just shows May 2022

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I havent received any rewards since March 2022

thank you brave… :-/

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