March & April month BAT is pending

Hello everyone,

My March & April payouts are pending . I’ve been using brave for past 15 months, haven’t faced any issue like this

My wallets are verified and connected in uphold . Are you guys facing the same issue ?


Some people have had issues where hey do not receive their bat for a very long time, I have my wallet verified an received my bat late last night.

Alot of people thought that I was giving people false hope saying just be patient, but some have been paid automatically, some have hd to contact the Dev team, others apparently do not receive a response from them.

All I can say is be patient, it will be auto paid into uphold, OR if it’s not, (on the off chance) then I’d say message someone from the team with your brave rewards ID (ENSURE YOU ARE SENDING IT TO A DEV NOT JUST ANYONE)

  • Screenshot for proof I received mine.

How im giving false i hope i have no idea. Im not defending anyones behaviour, if you read what i put properly, i said im sure you would recieve help, i didnt say it was definite.

I recieved help the first time round, now it just gets paid straight into my uphold account which is what i was showing.

Not false hope, just to show that people are still receiving payments, and that i have had to wait previously.

I dont know what your problem is but this is the second post you have tried to call me out on, when in fact im sharing my experience which is what the community is for.

If your flag was removed last month, you should receive your payout in full this month. If flag was removed late this month, then most likely you will get it in next month’s payout.

And if you get it this month, do post an update.

It was removed a few days ago, and I still have yet to see the March payout, or even any indication that it will ever exist. And I absolutely will post any updates.

What you are saying is “be patient, everything will work out in the end!”
Which is not what needs to be done, if I were to sit back and be quiet I am 100% confident everything would pass by and I would never see a thing. I have been complaining here constantly and still have yet to get a word. I’m glad that you have received help, not everyone is so lucky.
The mods desperately need to acknowledge those who are having problems and failing utterly to do so.

I received my March Rewards, April rewards are on the way. :slight_smile:

If that’s the case I appreciate you letting me know. Although I absolutely want and expect confirmation from steeven or someone official. Literally no word beyond about the flag and I have zero faith in them to give me what is owed at this point.

I said I would post updates:
Spoke with steeven and he manually sent me BAT plus a small bonus. Hopefully the problem is gone alone with the flag and future payouts will be smooth.

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