April Payout not Received!

april 28th and problem still continuie


Are you on desktop or Android? I’m on Desktop (Windows) and still haven’t received my March payout yet :confused:

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The issue is not fixed for me as well. Didn’t received full reward from my android phone. :frowning:

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next day and still no rewards from March


I write about this problem almost every day. but i don’t see any support. I have sent the requested information as a message many times. I never got a response. I’ve been using Brave browser for a long time. This is the first time I’ve been so disappointed.


I’m on a windows 11 desktop and Brave version 1.38.109.

Still not received payout of last month(march)(should have arrived around 8-10 april)

and i do have latest version, and verified uphold account (i also have screenshot that is did not receive BATs, but only recevied 0.4 BAT and i think it is from mobile brave, at pc i should have around 5 BAT-do not remember the exact amount-)

Version 1.38.109 Chromium: 101.0.4951.41 (Official Build) (64-bit)

EDIT::: after i sent this message like 8 hours later i received 5.4 BAt to my uphold account :))

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Just to let everyone know,

I’ve received BAT from one of my devices today.
I truly appreciate their team’s efforts.
Also, I request you guys to wait patiently.

Have a good day!


I’m in the same situation

yep, i received my Bats(5.4bat) 8 hours later after i sent that message :smiley:

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me too. i receive my 4.4 BAT this morning.

@Mattches Thanks so much

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lucky you :slight_smile:
I still didn’t get any March rewards.

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next day and still nothing. no march rewards


I haven’t received any BAT either, can you help me?

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I just receive my rewards! Thanks

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My April rewards still haven’t gone into processing. I have a verified Uphold wallet. They disappeared and now it just shows May 2022 estimated score.

hi i havent received my payment to uphold and dont have any restrictions on any accounr

i havent received my april payout to my uphold and i dont have any restrictions to any accounts

I guess they are still processing.
Can you please confirm? @Mattches @steeven

same here, my 3 BAT just disappeared. I have a verified Gemini Wallet