Anyone else using 'C Cleaner' - the program, with Brave 0.63.48?

[don’t know if this is the correct category to post in]
I didn’t find out how to add ‘Brave’ [muon] to ‘C Cleaner’'s tasks.

Now it’s Version 0.63.48 Chromium: 74.0.3729.108 (Official Build) (64-bit),
so will the google chrome application on CCleaner affect Brave? see pic
Perhaps I should be asking CCleaner?



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I noticed CCleaner does not see Brave as a Browser and doesn’t sweep any info related to it. I’m not positive but i think this is functionality that CCleaner will have to add. It might be worth making a request through there support page.

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With Brave browser being newer software, it’s unlikely that CCleaner will be adding this soon unless Brave gains a mass following. Unfortunately with the clunky ugly new chrome tabs that Brave uses (like the new versions of Chrome), I don’t see this happening soon. If people have to deal with all the same bad UI of chrome, there’s no reason to change browsers. I use the old version of Chrome v55 and have Chrome blocked from ever downgrading to a newer version.

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@poweruser @digivoz thanks replies.

I’ve been addicted to CCleaner for years - built trust in what it does.
I got addicted to Brave - trust in an ethos and, the Lion logo! :face_with_hand_over_mouth: .
So, the questions, then, more correctly, appear to be:

  1. ‘What program does one use with Brave that does the job on Brave that CCleaner does on Firefox?’
  2. If there is NOT a ‘cleaner’ for Brave, then . . . what’s happening? [There’s probably a long article I am supposed to read and understand.]
  3. I got it into my head that Brave doesn’t need ‘cleaning’. Does Brave need ‘cleaning’?
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With new tech, it will take time for more widespread adoption. You can clear it through the Brave browser by selecting Menu, History then select Clear Browsing Data or just use Ctrl-H and you’ll get the splash screen menu with options to clear whatever you select by check marking the boxes. You can also set this to clear on exit if you want to make it automatic.
This will most likely be the only option until other 3rd party applications start supporting the Brave Browser. Hope that helps.

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I don’t recommend adding Brave to CCleaner, I tried it in the past and it removes everything and basically resets Brave back to a fresh install state. Bookmarks are gone, custom settings for different sites are gone, the search engines are reset, and everything else is set back to how it was when first installed Brave.

Could try this extension for now… Super History & Cache Cleaner

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@digivoz @matteopa, great, ta! I think I have to start a new topic on this for those of us still trying to get some basic language and concepts in a row. Just a tidbit more response :thinking: here for now.
To get my head more clear :

  1. what do I think ‘cleaning’ does, actually, and what do I want it to do for me?
  2. why do I like, for ‘cleaning’, a . . .

Then :

  • Ta for that navigation, I’ll fiddle with that and with automatic on exit;
  • look forward to getting

Ta screenshot. Then :slight_smile:

Fortunately I couldn’t work out how to do that. Ta for the heads-up there in case I thought I could get clever :rofl:.

I’m nowhere near ready for . . . ‘extensions’ yet, :sweat_smile: . However your link may help me with points 1 and 2 on my way to . . . ‘extensions’.

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Just confirming that :slight_smile:

  • Brave does need ‘cleaning’ just like any other browser.
  • . . . my basic tech grasp is sound - I get the itemised lists of what CCleaner does and I’ve known about browser clearing since 2006.
  • But then that sort of disappears into ’ . . . a notion of magic . . .’ like, for all the extra that’s happening in Tech, on and offline that I’m vague about, I’m hoping that somewhere in the mix I’ve got some sort of - er - digital genie looking after my naivete.

This last thought was put here for the sake of clarifying ‘discourse’. :sunglasses:

Done. Ta again chaps.

Glad that Helped. ;]

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I use C Cleaner, not with the intent of cleaning Brave, but I’ve come across some sites that will not respond unless you turn off Brave’s Ads & Tracker blocker, as one is my bank, I have no option, but after closing the window, I run the cleaner, I don’t want stuff that I’m not even informed is being down loaded.

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Yes to that.
I was in the swing of using CC with Firefox. Still do that with what I still use Ff for.
I changed to using Brave as well, sometime last year and, Brave has now become my browser of choice for most of what I do online.
So I am still busy trying to work out what it is I am trying to work out, about:
’ how to use a browser without CC and KNOW that I am doing all I possibly can to get the tracking and watching and interference off my activities to the best extent that that is possible.’

It’s a principle thing, it irks me real bad and I see I’m not the only one.
So I continue the hunt for the practical, digital solutions. I’ve got to still understand a lot more on the way there.

Something I observe. If we stay ‘logged on’ and away from our desktop, CC will find numerous trackers when next we run it, even though we haven’t been on any browser during that time period. I sort of have a vague idea of why that is.

The discourse in this topic has helped me work out that with Brave, I must go back to the digital cleaning habits I was using with internet explorer in 2006. Manual. So, for eg, in the last few days, I clean cookies regularly during my online session.

But I suspect cookies are quite a small part of the big picture of the whole topic of privacy and security.
We have a VPN on Ff, not on Brave. My husband had to point out to me that new private tab on Brave does NOT mean vpn :face_with_hand_over_mouth:.
I think I always needed to just go on a course to up my competency levels about these things.

I’ll see if I can try and do what you are saying so that I can see what you mean.

We still only use Ff for all that kind of stuff . . …

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