Add the capability to select what cookies to keep/delete and automate cache clearing

This is really several suggestions not just one.

Can you add any functionality to Brave that would allow a user to select what cookies to keep and which ones to delete when your running the Clear process? I have many sites I deal with on a routine basis that put a cookie on my PC after a two step security verification to indicate that another verification is not needed as I’ve already confirmed that this is my desktop PC and it’s safe. Right now I’m keeping all of my cookies just so the ones I need for verification are not cleared.

Is there a way that I can automate the clearing of Brave’s cache? I know that performing a clear process is beneficial but I forget to do it and if there’s a way to automate the process I think that this would help not only me but others as well.

Lastly, what is the possibility of getting Brave supported by Piriform’s CCleaner app? They currently support selective deletion of cookies by allowing the user to view the current list of cookies that it would delete and move cookies you want to keep to its retained list. I tried to get Piriform to support Brave last year but they told me that Brave didn’t have the number of users needed for them to do so. With the growth of Brave I’m hoping that with a little coaxing that Brave could be supported.

You can manually delete specific cookies from the browsing data page, but that’s a good suggestion! Will pass it along.

If you go to the settings page > “clear browsing data” > “on exit” you can configure Brave to clear your history when you exit the program.

Will look into Ccleaner :slight_smile:


Can you elaborate a bit more on how to delete specific cookies from the browsing date page? That is something I would like to do as I have a LOT of cookies out there as I know which ones to keep and but I need to know the procedure. Thanks.

Right now when I clear browsing data in the advance tab I have it set to exclude the clearing of cookies. If I change my settings to clear on exit will it use my current configuration that’s setup on that advance tab? Clearing on exit is something I would consider doing.