Brave is deleting my history in a small amount of time

I would really like some help because brave is deleting my history each week and that is incredibly annoying. History is something I need because I use it every day. Is there no way to stop brave from deleting my history each week?

@DanielAntony210 ,

Make sure Clear cookies and site data when you close all windows is Disabled:


In a Brave Browser > New Window, go to:


Select the On exit tab, and Disable Browsing History


Using a Brave Browser > New Private Window . . . will cause some clearing of cache, cookies, site data, and history, when you close the window.


Any chance that you have an extension that “just maybe” is a contributing factor:



Check if an app such as ccleaner or internet security, or Glarys is set to clear junk weekly.


Yes, I checked what you suggested and the “clear cookies and site data when you close all windows” is disabled. And I checked all the extensions. Couldn’t find anything on clearing browsing data.

I might’ve fixed that. I went to Ccleaner’s Custom CLean Tab and Applications and disabled what I needed to stay. That might’ve fixed it. If I didn’t do it right then please do tell me.

No. Not custom clean. It should be in “Scheduling” but this is only available in Pro version of Ccleaner.
Did you schedule to clean cache data in your browser or computer once a week by means of an extension or an app?

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