And so it was that the BATs were lost due to the Brave team

And so it was that the BATs were lost due to the Brave team…
And that’s exactly how I wrote.

Dear friends, you may have noticed that some of us received the warning that if we did not connect our rewards wallet to an Uphold or Gemini account we would lose the BAT we earned.
Well, I can’t use Gemini because apparently it’s not available in Italy, I can’t use Uphold due to hypothetical limits imposed by Uphold itself (yet another rubbish).
So… I earn BAT and I’m not free to deposit it wherever I want? (e.g. Exodus, Coinbase, Binance, etc.)
And what’s the point of Brave creating a cryptocurrency wallet if it can’t be used for this purpose?
But what game are we playing???
Finally I decided to deactivate the rewards and I only use it as a secure browser… at least in this the browser is valid, but on the issue of rewards it is leaking on all sides.
Personally, I’m quite fed up with being made fun of.
If I have legitimately earned money I want to be free to deposit it wherever I want, is that correct?
Tell me yours.

Wrong. You did not earn BAT. You earned what is called vBAT, which has been customer rewards points. According to the Terms you agreed upon, they are only able to be used for Brave services or can only be withdrawn and converted to BAT if you connect to Uphold or any other partner.

Until now? It’s been because of legal.

Legal issues or not in the end it makes no sense and you have no freedom. In the end I only use it as a secure browser and I have deactivated the rewards, whether I have earned them or not I have earned them but clearly I cannot collect them due to problems that Uphold ultimately causes.
Nice rip-off. From what I understand, there’s no need to even talk about it because you can’t reach any conclusion.
Thank you very much. Greetings.

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