MY BATS ARE GONE - without wallet


i use this browser like 2-3 years, u can check that on my history…
i had some bats for the adds… now i cant see any bats…

its telling me to create a wallet… ? i dont remeber that i did this few years ago…
where are they gone ?

Please help,
BR Tomasz.

Any BATs you had collected are still available. Go to brave://rewards-internals and you’ll see them there. It won’t show up in the new brave rewards page which requires users to connect to Uphold / Gemini in order to earn BAT.

EDIT: Never mind, I’ve just read the " Important Changes to Brave Rewards" page, that somehow I’ve never seen for months unless I managed to forget about it. You’d think they would post warning messages on the New Tab page about important changes like that.

@SmartyAadi Does this mean all our BATs collected before connecting to Uphold or Gemini won’t carry over?

@RemyLeBeau this just means that when they finish sunsetting vBAT, you won’t have access to it. They haven’t done it yet. No idea exactly when it will happen. We’ve been promised we’ll be given advanced notice. You’ll most likely want to keep an eye out for topics here, as I will make a PSA topic when it’s time.

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