All of my passwords, bookmarks, and open tabs were lost after the last update, which was to only require "a quick relaunch"

I don’t know much about tech issues at all. I was able to bring up Brave with everything still there after opening and closing it several times for a while, then nothing - just the new welcome page. So I uninstalled it, and reinstalled it, but that did nothing.

Must have a reliable browser, so switching to Opera now, I think. Will miss the old Brave, though.

Hi @miluz,
Please do search for existing thread first.

Please see For users who had issues migrating data from Brave Muon to Brave Core if you have some issue upgrading your Brave.


Not able to figure it out, but thanks for the reply.

What is it that you’re having trouble with? I’d be happy to work through the issue with you.

Thank you! I appreciate that very much. It looked as though I had lost all of my bookmarks, passwords, and open tabs after the latest Brave update. Nothing like that ever happened after any other update.

I was finally able to import my bookmarks from the old version. It looks like the passwords are there again too. The tabs I had open look to be gone forever?

I did uninstall Brave and reinstalled it after the update. I am just at a very basic user level. Everyone else posting here seems to be very advanced to me!

Thanks again.

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