Brave reset without warning (BAT and Bookmarks GONE)

I been using Brave for several months with no issue, however today I went to open it and it wouldn’t. I restarted my laptop and tried again, this time Brave opened on a welcome screen asking me to set up a profile (never set up a profile before, this seems like a new feature?) I lost all my BAT (my fault for not backing up the seed I know) but whats more annoying is all my bookmarks/history/settings are GONE.

What happened? I would love to continue using Brave but this is ridiculous. I was not prompted or informed there was an update, this was completely out of the blue.

On a side note, I just realized I’m also having problems logging into Facebook. Its telling me my password was changed 8 months ago and and the one I’m typing is not valid, I know it is 100% valid as it works fine on other browsers.

Any advice on clarity as the W…T…F happened?