Switching to the "New" Brave



I’m on a Windows 7 Pro machine. I’ve been running the old Brave and haven’t switched to the new yet because none of my stuff was there when I opened the new version, no tabs or bookmarks or anything.

Today I decided to give switching over a whirl, and quite frankly I’m a bit angry. I’ve had to switch my tabs over manually. No big. I’m going to have to export and then import my bookmarks. Okay. But it appears none of my passwords are there. So, I’m going to have to keep running the old alongside the new for a while so I can still get into everything.

WHY isn’t this stuff automatically there like every other software upgrade ever???


@Mattches had once opened a topic in which there is so much to update to the new Brave version. Unfortunately I can’t find the topic…
Would someone be kind enough to post the link here?


@Geo, sorry for your troubles.
There were several points of confusion surrounding the upgrade. For this reason we made a doc here on Community for users who encountered issues:
For users who had issues migrating data from Brave Muon to Brave Core
Please let me know if this document didn’t cover something or if you need further clarification.
Thank you.


Generally anything like that - specifically designed to be used as a resource - can be found in the Community Resources section.
Appreciate your effort anyway :slight_smile:


I looked there, but I only saw the post now :anger:
(I just flew over it and looked for “update brave […]”)


Passwords Import in Brave v59.34

As I had to enter many Passwords MANUALLY after my last Upgrade in Nov - I have been rather concerned about this IMPORTANT feature. It seems odd to focus only on Export without having an Import option at the same time.

With v58.18 the IMPORT did not work.

Happily I can CONFIRM under v59.34 the IMPORT WORKED!

[OS LinuxMint v19 (Cinnamon 3.8 - basically Kernel 4.15 w/ Ubuntu 18.04)]

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