Brave Upgrade Wiped all Bookmarks, Wallets, etc

I just updated via the Browser update (About link) and after update I have lost all Bookmarks, rewards, passwords (limited use anyway so not a big issue), and history. I did gain an extra Sync with the same name as this device. Is there a way to combine to “sync’d devices” as they are actually a single device? Is there a way to ‘re-import’ all of the info to the new browser?

Not sure how to reintroduce this issue to test.

Updated via browser; lost info; rebooted; still no info.

New Brave 1.30.87 Old version was last that I’m aware of
Kubuntu 20.04

Thanks for the payout schedule. How do I confirm on the “device” that is duplicated? Is there a way to sync the two sync’s? :thinking:


Was able to “claim” miniscule amount of token but not what was/is on the other “device” didn’t seem to sync bookmarks or anything else even after restart. Any thoughts are appreciated? Otherwise I guess I just start rebuilding lists.

Ok found a solution/problem. When I create a new instance of Brave it identified as the other account. I’ll upload to the bugs page and see if there is a way to sync two different instances of Brave to a single sync’d account.

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Since the same thing happened to me just today, I’m wondering if you ever found a solution? I had alot saved on the browser and I’m not sure why everything was erased.

I was able to start another instance of Brave and it “refound” the previous bookmarks/settings/BAT. I’m not sure why a different instance would break it that way. Hope that helps.

How did you start that instance?

In Linux or Windows when you have a browser open is to right click on the instance in the taskbar and “open new instance” I frequently do it to keep similar tabs together which is what caused my problem. Looking at parts in one instance of browser windows and another browser window with multiple tabs for whatever other topic I’m jumping between.

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