I have just Lost 2 years of bookmarks thank you guys

I won’t ever use brave again. It started to crash as opened on my Mac. I had to uninstall no chance to repair it. I just wanted to let u know that u have Lost a costumers with hundreads of students (as I am IT teacher and I was so proud of using this browser).

While I do apologize for the inconvenience, I’m not entirely sure I understand what happened. You uninstalled the browser because it was crashing but then you say you had no chance to repair it? Can you be more specific? What repair attempts did you try?

Additionally, by what method did you “uninstall” the browser? I ask because if your’e on macOS, unless you explicitly elected to delete the browsing data (or used a 3rd party application that did this), there’s a chance your data is still there.

not good
at all …
Electronics fail softwares have their own issues no one can do anything about it Data security is an issue that never gets addressed properly on any end due to complexities involved and lack of determination to sort things out just because it Works that is nothing but an illusion all the while
and then everything falls like a pack of cards in a flash
it’s like everyone took an oath not to backup important things properly forever
everyone is determined to learn the hard way as opposite to pen and paper storage digital data needs far more care and attention to keep things going without glitches🙂

When and where you have lost your 2-year worth of bookmarks?
I can’t find it in your statement.

An “IT teacher” with no other address books or exported bookmarks anywhere else ? If you’re a Brave user what browser were these bookmarks stored in before ? Do you get sync ?

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