All data lost after sync try

Description of the issue:
I synced my data on the PC with the data on my phone, because I wanted to reset my pc. That worked and all my bookmarks, passwords etc was saved on my phone. After the reset I added my PC to the sync chain and set it to “sync all”. After that all my data was lost on my phone andnothing was transferred to my PC either.

Steps to Reproduce:
can’t reproduce (all my data is gone)

Reproduces how often:
This time (first time with the sync)

Brave Version:
v 1.39.122

Type of devices currently running on the Sync chain in question:
my PC (Windows 10 Pro), my phone (Android 12)

Similar issue and that is why I hardly use Brave anymore.

Updated the Brave browser and all my rewards were gone. Back to ZERO. OK, no worries, kept going anyway but encountered NOTHING but problems with the updated version. Reinstalled the older version and now being told that this browser can’t earn rewards and that I should update. Yeah sure, got more funny advise?

Perhaps – whoever is hacking around with this crappy thing, perhaps they should go back to school and learn a few things. This IT folk is getting worse by the day. Not only at Brave but it’s the same with anything else. The moment they “Update” something, it’s screwed up worse than ever before. Boys, Girls and all the other 768 different things; If you can’t handle technology, leave it alone! Humanity is doing fine without you if not better.