After a new sync, some bookmarks on the desktop version were lost and imported old ones were deleted from the PC version


Mostly I surf the internet on my PC and the desktop version of Brave, I bookmarked some websites and pages with the desktop version during the past few days, until yesterday I found out the sync chain was broken and my phone device under Setting > Sync > Devic List, so I had to set it up again and add my phone’s Brave to the list to sync both version and add new bookmarks from desktop version to phone’s version, I did it, but I don’t know how the sync process went strange and I lost the new bookmarks that I add during 10 days on desktop and imported bookmarks from phone’s version to PC that I deleted some of them from the PC version.

Firstly I don’t know why the sync chain on the PC version broke and may a third-party caused it, check out the Sync section since yesterday and it’s okay now. But why does the sync operation, import old-deleted bookmarks from the phone’s version instead match with the PC version?

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