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*Uh-Oh! Sorry to return to this subject. I thought it was solved. Here’s the situation: When I go to “sync” on my android tablet, it says it’s part of the sync chain. However, it’s not syncing with Brave on my Windows PC. That’s what fooled me into thinking problem was solved because the android device says it’s part of the chain. I’m missing something here. Sorry for the redundancy. Ed

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  1. Are they showing part of the same sync chain?

  2. What are you trying to sync?

  3. In brave://settings/braveSync/setup what do you have chosen for the things to sync?

Just to be clear and why I’m asking #2 is that Rewards do not sync across devices. Also History only syncs typed URL and not your whole History. Obviously #3 is important because if both devices aren’t set to share things, such as Passwords, with each other then it would make sense it doesn’t sync.

So yeah, just trying to always start by looking at the “obvious” and “simple” possibilities first.

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