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Hello, time ago I uninstalled brave browser from my windows pc and I also uninstalled brave from my android smartphone. Now I would like to reinstall brave on my pc and recover the saved bookmarks and passwords. How should I do? I have not saved any sync codes. Is there a way to recover this data or to submit a data deletion request?
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Nope. Since you don’t have the sync phrases, you cannot recover / delete the data on sync. Basically you / brave can’t access that data. BRAVE HAS ALWAYS SAID THAT BRAVE SYNC IS NOT A WAY TO BACKUP DATA.

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@damians Unfortunately, this likely would not be the case. The only way you’d have it is if you had done manual backups of your data that you might still have access to. But if no devices are stil on the sync chain and you don’t have a backup of your data, then there’s no way for anyone to recover this for you. This is because data is primarily stored on your device only and not associated with an account.

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