Passwords gone + device sync not working correctly


I am using Windows 10 and Brave for years now, current version is V1.30.89
Today I just launched my PC and found out that all my saved passwords are gone, I believe cache and cookies as well.
I have my PC and Laptop in sync chain and today they don’t want to sync. Gladly I had my laptop synced earlier so I exported passwords manually from laptop and placed them back on PC. Before that I tried system restore and some clicks around, nothing worked. Passwords were just gone.

Also while trying to fix all this and also test, I downloaded Brave on my phone (Android 11), Scanned the QR code from PC to phone and it shown the phone in a standalone sync chain, the other 2 devices (pc/laptop) did not appear on the phone, nor the phone appeared on the PC/laptop as a device in same chain.

So I guess my question is basically - what is going on? :slight_smile:

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